Thursday, June 17, 2010

Checking Off the To-Do List!

Hi all!

First off... 51 days! That's like a month and a half! Where did the time go!

We have been checking things off our wedding to-do list like crazy and it feels GREAT! Brett is helping A LOT! Thank heaven for him.

Anywho, in the past week, we've done a lot: made and sent invitations, ordered our wedding rings, decided where we wanted to go on our honeymoon, booked our honeymoon flights, and sent bridal shower thank yous! Things are moving right along! Tonight, I have an appointment with a seamstress to hem my wedding dress and create the bustle. My mom and I are also going shopping tonight for miscellenious things needed for the wedding like: an aisle runner, bubbles for guests, flower wreaths for the flower girls' hair, favor supplies, etc. Slowly but surely, the to-do list is dwindling down. I almost get giddy when I can check something off the list! This weekend, we (us and my fam) are heading up to Erie to get some stuff done. We have an appointment with the florist, and plan on checking out the rehearsal dinner location.

Lots of stuff going on between now and August 7th, but we are getting things done! I've become quite the master multi-tasker!

Here's till next time! :)

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