Friday, May 7, 2010

3 Months to Go!

Today is May 7, 2010... which means in exactly 3 months I will be a wifey!! :) I can't believe how fast the past year has flown by. We got engaged last July and in the fall, it felt like our wedding would never get here. And now we are only 3 months out! I can't believe it and I cannot wait!

We are doing pretty good as far as planning goes. We finished all our registering and also blocked off rooms at a hotel for our wedding party and guests! Now I've got flowers on my mind... which if you haven't guessed, our wedding flowers are sunflowers! We still need to pick out/design our wedding bands which hopefully we'll be doing soon. And we are starting to think about invitation ideas, obviously a DIY project. Brett is excited to design them! The photographer we picked to shoot our wedding day gives a complimentary engagement photo session, so we have that coming up on May 23rd! I'm really excited for that! I'll have to post some photos once we get them. So those are the wedding things stirring around in my head right the moment. All fun stuff! Things are coming along smoothly. :)

Check out our wedding website for more info:

PS - Special shout out to my AMAZING maid of honor Jess and fantastic bridesmaids for all that they've been doing so far! I love you guys!! :)

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