Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Update

It's been a while since I updated my wedding blog! I think because we did a lot of our planning before I even started this blog, so most of the major stuff is done! But I will probably write posts on those parts of the planning process as well, when I get a chance!

As of today, here's where we stand on things we've checked off our to-do list for bookings:
Ceremony venue: The Smith Chapel
Reception venue: Erie Yacht Club
Rehearsal dinner venue: Stephany's Catering
Photographer: Heather Neckers
DJ: Mis-B-Haven
Limo: Barnes Limousine

We also did some wedding registries over the last couple weekends! So far, we've registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy's. We also plan on registering at Target! Registering was quite an adventure! We never imagined that it would be so time consuming and such a thought out process. The first day we went, we walked into Bed Bath & Beyond ready to zap things with our registering gun. We were in the store for over 3 HOURS! And we only got half way done! Everything we looked at, we would talk about and decide on the best version, etc etc etc. It was fun and pretty easy going through the kitchen sections. But as soon as we got to the bedding and bath sections, our brains were totally fried. We were suddenly presented with the immediate need to plan out our entire decor and look of our future house that we didn't have or even know what we wanted to look like! So after a mental brain fart, we decided to stop and finish registering another day. Turns out, registering is much easier if you break it down into different days (at least for us). The second weekend we went out, we were able to walk into Bed Bath & Beyond and finish registering without any brain malfunctions and even went over to Macy's and completed our entire registry there! It wasn't bad at all! And we really found some really neat things that we really like!! So now we just plan on registering at Target in the next few weekends, cause I love Target and they always have cool things for good prices! So that's been our fun registering adventure!

So that's the latest thing we've done for the wedding. We are kind of a nice relaxed place in the planning process, where all the major things are booked and now we can just sit back and focus on the little things like decor and other fun stuff! My mom and I went shopping at Pat Catans craft store for some ceremony and reception decorations a couple weekends ago and we found some really awesome stuff! I'm very excited for our little crafts!! :)

As for what's coming up in the planning process, we are in the process looking up different hotels to possibly block rooms off at for our guests. I'll keep you posted on what progresses! :)

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