Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So, the DRESS! It has a story of it's own... (and it's somewhat long)

Back in August 2009, I went to David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses and get a feel for what I like. I brought with me: my mom, my sister Brita, friend Jess, cousins Chelsey & Jill, and aunts Torg & Deb. 8 of us total, wow! I went in having done no homework or research at all beforehand to know what I was looking for or what I wanted to try on. The bridal consultant, Kelly (who was awesome) grabbed lots of different dresses and I tried them each on. I feel like my time there was a blur. I was trying on so many dresses and everyone was giving their opinions on each dress, that I think I lost my own opinion in the mix.

I had no intentions of actually purchasing a dress that day. But by the time I was leaving the store, I was walking out with a wedding dress. Now, this dress was gorgeous, don't get me wrong. It was beautiful and looked really nice on me. But in all the hustle and bustle of the day, and all the people sharing their opinions, I got lost in the mix and didn't really think about what I wanted and what kind of dress was my style. I walked out of the store that day with a glitzy, poofy, princess dress. This is NOT me... at all.

Fast forward to 6 months later, February 2010. We are now well into the planning phases of our wedding. Vendors and venues have been booked and we've really started narrowing down the details of our wedding. And guess what, it's NOT a glitzy, poofy, fancy, princess wedding. It is very much so a reflection of Brett and I as people and our personalities: very laid-back, gardeny, and outdoorsy feeling (see sunflower inspiration board post). So this throws me into a panic. I start questioning my dress and how it doesn't fit in with the theme of our wedding. I start picturing the type of dress I actually WANT. And then I start freaking out because I had already BOUGHT a wedding dress... that is nothing like the type I want!

This brings me to last week. I do some research online and end up calling David's Bridal in a desperate effort and amazingly, by all the gods of all the skies, they agree to allow me to exchange my current dress for a new dress!! I make an appointment for Thursday, February 4, 2010 to make the exchange. I then call my mother and ask if I could steal her for the night, and she asks why. I explain, she freaks out. :) Mom says, no no no this is your dress! It's gorgeous! I explain some more, and she agrees to bring over the dress (it's been stored at my parents' house) for me to try on another time and decide at that point. Well, in a nutshell, my mother brought over the dress, I tried it on, and just as I imagined... I really truly just did not like it anymore. It was not the style I was going for at all. I show my mom some pictures of dresses that I DO like and explain the theme of our wedding a bit to her, and then it all comes together. She gets it. She understands and says this dress is NOT the dress for me and agrees to go to my appointment to find my dream dress.

So the next day (Thursday), I do my research online and print out a bunch of dresses I want to try on that night that are the style I like. I was prepared this time! Come 7:00pm and I arrive at David's Bridal with just my mom and my sister Brita. I show the bridal consultant the pictures of dresses that are the style I'm going for and she agrees, this is nothing like your other dress! I know, I know... I brought about 10 pictures of dresses that I wanted to try on. I got through 3 of the 10 dresses, walked out of the dressing room with dress #4 on... and that was it. I found my DREAM dress. It was a picture perfect moment. With just my mom and sister there, both just wide-eyed when I walked out of the dressing room and up onto the pedestal. The 3 of us agreed... this was MY dress. This dress was made for ME and my style. It.was.perfect.

This time, walking out of the store, dress in hand... I could not stop smiling and could not believe I had found my PERFECT dress. I honestly cannot wait until August 7, 2010 just so I can wear it all day!

Ok, ok... and so I can marry Brett!! ;)

(PS - I'm not posting pictures of the dress, because you never know if a certain someone may be lurking around this blog ;) )

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