Monday, June 21, 2010


Our plane tickets are booked! It's official:

We're going to CALIFORNIA for our honeymoon!

11 days 10 nights in beautiful sunny California
with my amazing soon-to-be husband...


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Checking Off the To-Do List!

Hi all!

First off... 51 days! That's like a month and a half! Where did the time go!

We have been checking things off our wedding to-do list like crazy and it feels GREAT! Brett is helping A LOT! Thank heaven for him.

Anywho, in the past week, we've done a lot: made and sent invitations, ordered our wedding rings, decided where we wanted to go on our honeymoon, booked our honeymoon flights, and sent bridal shower thank yous! Things are moving right along! Tonight, I have an appointment with a seamstress to hem my wedding dress and create the bustle. My mom and I are also going shopping tonight for miscellenious things needed for the wedding like: an aisle runner, bubbles for guests, flower wreaths for the flower girls' hair, favor supplies, etc. Slowly but surely, the to-do list is dwindling down. I almost get giddy when I can check something off the list! This weekend, we (us and my fam) are heading up to Erie to get some stuff done. We have an appointment with the florist, and plan on checking out the rehearsal dinner location.

Lots of stuff going on between now and August 7th, but we are getting things done! I've become quite the master multi-tasker!

Here's till next time! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


{"Bride to Be"}

I am so in love with this piece of art by Kelli Murray!
Isn't it so fitting??
Her artwork is amazing - She has an etsy store!
Just thought I'd share this with you because it's just beautiful. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 Months! 2 Months! 2 Months!

Oops! I tend to neglect this little wedding planning blog of mine! But that doesn't mean wedding stuff isn't happening, because it definitely is! Looks like the last time I posted was about a month ago... and you know what that means?

exactly 2 months to go!
(from yesterday)

Wow, does time fly! I seriously cannot believe our wedding, that we have been working so hard on, is only a mere 2 months away. I am trying to savor every moment of the planning process, because I know August 7th is going to be here before we know it! (However, I CAN'T WAIT!!) Let's see, what have we been up to this past month...

Engagement photo session:

On Sunday, May 23rd, we headed to North East (about 45 minutes outside of Erie) where we had our engagement photo shoot with our AWESOME wedding photographers (Heather Neckers)! We met at their studio, then headed out to shoot in beautiful woods & fields with awesome trees, and a gorgeous vineyard. We had a blast! Heather and Murl were so laid-back, awesome, and talented, so it made the photo shoot really easy for us! They had so many great ideas! Here are some pictures from the session: I am so in love with these photos!! If these engagement photos are any indication of what our wedding photos will be, I can't wait to see all the pictures they take on August 7th!! :)


I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to do for flowers. Florists are not cheap! I just couldn't imagine spending close to $1,000 on flowers that will be dead by the end of the night. So at first, I found a great deal at Sam's Club. I was going to order sunflowers and have them delivered. Then I'd have to make the bouquets myself. It was a great price and they had great reviews on their website. But the more I thought about it, the more I kept thinking how stressful it would be to have to worry about making the bouquets ourselves and dealing with flowers being delivered through the mail. So I started doing a little more research regarding flowers in Erie. I ended up finding this great garden center that has a floral department! Gerlach's Garden & Floral Center. They are a GREAT price and they will take care of everything! It will end up costing us the same amount as ordering the flowers from Sam's Club and the best part is that they will make the bouquets and deliver them. Whew! That's some weight off our backs!


We've been working on our invitations lately and finally found some really great stationary from Michaels to use! We are planning on getting those sent this week!!

Bridal Shower!

This past Saturday, June 5th, my bridesmaids & family hosted a bridal shower for me. Let me just say, it was perfect! I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful, warm, and love filled shower. Everything about it was just perfect and so "me". I know my mom & family (and brett's family), maid of honor Jess, and bridesmaids put a lot of work into making it perfect, and it really was. I can't thank them enough for all they've done so far. I couldn't ask for better bridesmaids and a better family!! Hopefully once I get pictures from the shower, I can post them here for you to see. It was such a wonderful day and really made me feel very special and loved. I love you all!

Wedding Rings:

Finally, tonight we are going to the jeweler to design our wedding rings! I'm so excited! We are going to David Helfer Jewelers downtown, which is where I got my engagement ring resized. They are awesome!! I'm planning on getting my wedding band specially designed to match my engagement ring. Brett is planning on just getting a simple plain wedding band, which will be great too! Oh, and we are also planning on getting the insides of the bands engraved with our names and wedding date. I can't wait to be wearing that puppy!!! :)

Hmmm, what else what else. I think that about does it for now. I have a huge to-do list of wedding stuff, but the things mentioned above are our current items to tackle!

60 days!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

3 Months to Go!

Today is May 7, 2010... which means in exactly 3 months I will be a wifey!! :) I can't believe how fast the past year has flown by. We got engaged last July and in the fall, it felt like our wedding would never get here. And now we are only 3 months out! I can't believe it and I cannot wait!

We are doing pretty good as far as planning goes. We finished all our registering and also blocked off rooms at a hotel for our wedding party and guests! Now I've got flowers on my mind... which if you haven't guessed, our wedding flowers are sunflowers! We still need to pick out/design our wedding bands which hopefully we'll be doing soon. And we are starting to think about invitation ideas, obviously a DIY project. Brett is excited to design them! The photographer we picked to shoot our wedding day gives a complimentary engagement photo session, so we have that coming up on May 23rd! I'm really excited for that! I'll have to post some photos once we get them. So those are the wedding things stirring around in my head right the moment. All fun stuff! Things are coming along smoothly. :)

Check out our wedding website for more info:

PS - Special shout out to my AMAZING maid of honor Jess and fantastic bridesmaids for all that they've been doing so far! I love you guys!! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Update

It's been a while since I updated my wedding blog! I think because we did a lot of our planning before I even started this blog, so most of the major stuff is done! But I will probably write posts on those parts of the planning process as well, when I get a chance!

As of today, here's where we stand on things we've checked off our to-do list for bookings:
Ceremony venue: The Smith Chapel
Reception venue: Erie Yacht Club
Rehearsal dinner venue: Stephany's Catering
Photographer: Heather Neckers
DJ: Mis-B-Haven
Limo: Barnes Limousine

We also did some wedding registries over the last couple weekends! So far, we've registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy's. We also plan on registering at Target! Registering was quite an adventure! We never imagined that it would be so time consuming and such a thought out process. The first day we went, we walked into Bed Bath & Beyond ready to zap things with our registering gun. We were in the store for over 3 HOURS! And we only got half way done! Everything we looked at, we would talk about and decide on the best version, etc etc etc. It was fun and pretty easy going through the kitchen sections. But as soon as we got to the bedding and bath sections, our brains were totally fried. We were suddenly presented with the immediate need to plan out our entire decor and look of our future house that we didn't have or even know what we wanted to look like! So after a mental brain fart, we decided to stop and finish registering another day. Turns out, registering is much easier if you break it down into different days (at least for us). The second weekend we went out, we were able to walk into Bed Bath & Beyond and finish registering without any brain malfunctions and even went over to Macy's and completed our entire registry there! It wasn't bad at all! And we really found some really neat things that we really like!! So now we just plan on registering at Target in the next few weekends, cause I love Target and they always have cool things for good prices! So that's been our fun registering adventure!

So that's the latest thing we've done for the wedding. We are kind of a nice relaxed place in the planning process, where all the major things are booked and now we can just sit back and focus on the little things like decor and other fun stuff! My mom and I went shopping at Pat Catans craft store for some ceremony and reception decorations a couple weekends ago and we found some really awesome stuff! I'm very excited for our little crafts!! :)

As for what's coming up in the planning process, we are in the process looking up different hotels to possibly block rooms off at for our guests. I'll keep you posted on what progresses! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So, the DRESS! It has a story of it's own... (and it's somewhat long)

Back in August 2009, I went to David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses and get a feel for what I like. I brought with me: my mom, my sister Brita, friend Jess, cousins Chelsey & Jill, and aunts Torg & Deb. 8 of us total, wow! I went in having done no homework or research at all beforehand to know what I was looking for or what I wanted to try on. The bridal consultant, Kelly (who was awesome) grabbed lots of different dresses and I tried them each on. I feel like my time there was a blur. I was trying on so many dresses and everyone was giving their opinions on each dress, that I think I lost my own opinion in the mix.

I had no intentions of actually purchasing a dress that day. But by the time I was leaving the store, I was walking out with a wedding dress. Now, this dress was gorgeous, don't get me wrong. It was beautiful and looked really nice on me. But in all the hustle and bustle of the day, and all the people sharing their opinions, I got lost in the mix and didn't really think about what I wanted and what kind of dress was my style. I walked out of the store that day with a glitzy, poofy, princess dress. This is NOT me... at all.

Fast forward to 6 months later, February 2010. We are now well into the planning phases of our wedding. Vendors and venues have been booked and we've really started narrowing down the details of our wedding. And guess what, it's NOT a glitzy, poofy, fancy, princess wedding. It is very much so a reflection of Brett and I as people and our personalities: very laid-back, gardeny, and outdoorsy feeling (see sunflower inspiration board post). So this throws me into a panic. I start questioning my dress and how it doesn't fit in with the theme of our wedding. I start picturing the type of dress I actually WANT. And then I start freaking out because I had already BOUGHT a wedding dress... that is nothing like the type I want!

This brings me to last week. I do some research online and end up calling David's Bridal in a desperate effort and amazingly, by all the gods of all the skies, they agree to allow me to exchange my current dress for a new dress!! I make an appointment for Thursday, February 4, 2010 to make the exchange. I then call my mother and ask if I could steal her for the night, and she asks why. I explain, she freaks out. :) Mom says, no no no this is your dress! It's gorgeous! I explain some more, and she agrees to bring over the dress (it's been stored at my parents' house) for me to try on another time and decide at that point. Well, in a nutshell, my mother brought over the dress, I tried it on, and just as I imagined... I really truly just did not like it anymore. It was not the style I was going for at all. I show my mom some pictures of dresses that I DO like and explain the theme of our wedding a bit to her, and then it all comes together. She gets it. She understands and says this dress is NOT the dress for me and agrees to go to my appointment to find my dream dress.

So the next day (Thursday), I do my research online and print out a bunch of dresses I want to try on that night that are the style I like. I was prepared this time! Come 7:00pm and I arrive at David's Bridal with just my mom and my sister Brita. I show the bridal consultant the pictures of dresses that are the style I'm going for and she agrees, this is nothing like your other dress! I know, I know... I brought about 10 pictures of dresses that I wanted to try on. I got through 3 of the 10 dresses, walked out of the dressing room with dress #4 on... and that was it. I found my DREAM dress. It was a picture perfect moment. With just my mom and sister there, both just wide-eyed when I walked out of the dressing room and up onto the pedestal. The 3 of us agreed... this was MY dress. This dress was made for ME and my style. It.was.perfect.

This time, walking out of the store, dress in hand... I could not stop smiling and could not believe I had found my PERFECT dress. I honestly cannot wait until August 7, 2010 just so I can wear it all day!

Ok, ok... and so I can marry Brett!! ;)

(PS - I'm not posting pictures of the dress, because you never know if a certain someone may be lurking around this blog ;) )